80 “Baby I Miss You” Quotes To Express Your Love

80 “Baby I Miss You” Quotes To Express Your Love

Looking for quotes about missing your girl/boyfriend? We have rounded up the best romantic collection of “Baby I miss you” quotes, sayings, text messages, status, and captions to send your loved one and let them know how much you miss them.

Due to distance and time, you may be distant from your friend, lover, brother, sister, or child. These warm and heartfelt “Baby I miss you” messages will surely remind them how much you love them and miss their presence in your life.

“Baby I Miss You” Quotes & Messages

  1. “Baby, I miss you. Please close your eyes and come meet me in my dreams tonight.”
  2. “I miss you like the sun misses the flowers, like the sun misses the flowers in the depths of winter, instead of beauty to direct its light to, the heart hardens like the frozen world which your absence has banished me to.” – William in “A Knight’s Tale”
  3. “Every step that I take, I hope brings me a step closer to you because I miss you so much, girl.”
  4. “I have no control over the thoughts of you in my head. Perhaps you’ve charmed me. I like it that way, though. I miss you.”
  5. “If I knew you would be away for this long, I would have never allowed you out of my sight. Your absence is ripping my heart apart. I miss you, dearest.”
  6. “I can’t sleep; everything I ever knew is a lie without you. I can’t breathe when my heart is broke in two, there’s no beat without you. You are not gone, but you are not here. At least that’s the way it seems. Missing you isn’t the hardest part. Knowing that I once had you is.”
  7. “I miss you baby. Wanna be with you.”
  8. “Tell me how do I stop missing the person that I love the most in this world, I’m intoxicated by you, baby.”
  9. “I do not feel like watching the sunrise anymore ever since you were not around, I miss you.”
  10. “Missing you is not even a habit anymore, it is an addiction, I am desperately missing you.”
  11. “I would prefer kissing you rather than missing you.”
  12. “I try not to miss you, but in the end I still do.”
  13. “I think missing you is the hardest part in being apart, I wish we were together more often.”
  14. “I wonder if you miss me the way that I miss you! Can you feel my heart calling out for yours?”
  15. “I miss those times you told me that you love me then kiss me, I miss the feeling of your lips.”
  16. “Nights have become sleepless lately and days have become sleepy since you have gone and walk away. I miss you.”
  17. “I miss you a lot baby, but don’t worry. I’ll wait no matter how long it takes for you to make up your mind…”
  18. “There is not a single day that I do not think about you and just about how much I’m intoxicated by you.”
  19. “I miss you so badly, my heart yearns for your love. I hope to see you soon.”
  20. “My baby girl, I wish you were here with me and we would walk down the park, holding hands.”
  21. “I do not breathe when we are apart. Instead, I suffocate. I miss you honey.”
  22. “When I miss you I don’t have to go far. I just look in my heart because that’s where you are.”
  23. “Right now, I miss her. I really miss my angel. That’s what keeping me going right now. Putting my life together so I can be with her.”
  24. “No matter what I say and what I do, there is not a single moment when I don’t think of you. I really miss you.”
  25. “Right now you are in my heart and I miss you so bad, I wish you were here with me, baby.”
  26. “I miss you the same way that the mountains miss the sky.”
  27. “Every night feels so incomplete without you, I just wish you were here with me, I’m bedazzled by you.”
  28. “Baby I miss you a lot.”
  29. “Miss you. I’m caged in the deadliest prison in the world and its called Missing You. Come free me baby.”
  30. “I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop missing you.”
  31. “You are the star, you are my star, my guide the one that shines so bright, I miss you, girl.”
  32. “If you know how I feel right now, you would not leave me anymore, I miss you so bad, girl.”
  33. “Baby you can’t even imagine how much you are being missed these days. But yes, the love of such a handsome guy is worth waiting. I miss you…”
  34. “Missing you comes in waves. Tonight, I’m drowning.”
  35. “When the two of us are together, time goes a little bit faster so I miss you more right now.”
  36. “It is sad that we are not together this moment but I am happy to be with you, I miss you so.”
  37. “I miss you so much, I am suffering every minute that you are not here beside me, my love.”
  38. “I miss you as soon as I wake up. I miss you when I’m about to sleep. I wish you’re always here next to me.”
  39. “I miss being able to cuddle with you whenever we meet each other, I wish you were here.”
  40. “I just miss you, baby. I just do.”
  41. “Good morning baby, I miss you.”
  42. “I miss you but it is a temporary feeling. I know that you will be back with me soon. I know nothing in the world could ever keep us apart.”
  43. “My heart never knew loneliness until you went away. I’m missing you.”
  44. “Even when you are just going to be gone for an hour or two, I still miss you badly, baby.”
  45. “I only miss you when I’m breathing.” – Jason Derulo
  46. “The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected. I miss you, baby!”
  47. “I want you. I love you. I miss you.”
  48. “A thousand words couldn’t bring you back… I know this because I tried, neither could a thousand tears… I know this because I cried, you left behind a broken heart and happy memories too… but I never wanted memories.. I only wanted you”
  49. “I guess that missing you is just my heart’s way of reminding me how much I love you.”
  50. “I miss you… I don’t know what else there is to say.”
  51. “Missing you is the worst thing in the world to me.”
  52. “I miss talking to you like there is no tomorrow, holding my phone to my ear until morning.”
  53. “I miss you like the sun misses the stars each morning.”
  54. “Even if I spend the whole day with you i miss you, the second you leave.”
  55. “To say I miss you is an understatement.”
  56. “If I could plant a flower for every time I miss you, I could walk through my garden forever.”
  57. “Out of sight but babe you are never off my mind.”
  58. “Missing her kept him awake more than the coffee.” – John Green
  59. “I think of you and remember you in everything that I do and I know that I am missing you.”
  60. “You have always been my sun and now that you are gone, darkness fill me up, I’m bedazzled by you. I miss you baby.”
  61. “I wanna write I miss on a rock and throw at your face so you know how much it hurts to miss you.”
  62. “I miss you… a little too often, a little too much.. and a little bit more.. every day.”
  63. “I miss those times I waited out your window until you finally come out to see me, baby.”
  64. “Remember you is easy because I do it every single day. But missing you is a heartache that will never go away.”
  65. “Do not worry, baby, I will be here waiting for you even if it takes forever, I miss you so much.”
  66. “I miss you. I miss your voice. I miss your smile. I miss your smell. I miss your hug. I miss your jokes. I miss how you made me feel. I miss your everything.”
  67. “I wish we can create more memories, come back here and we will, I miss you, my girl.”
  68. “I miss you every day, but I like to think that we find each other in our dreams at night.”
  69. “When I close my eyes I see you. When I open my eyes I miss you.”
  70. “I fall in love a little more every time I see you and I can’t wait to see you again. I miss you so much!”
  71. “I miss being able to hug you tight in my embrace and feeling your warmth, I’m intoxicated by you, girl.”
  72. “Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty, and loving you is my life.”
  73. “I miss you each day, everyday and all the time!”
  74. “When you are not with me, my world basically stands still. My sweetheart, come back to me soon.”
  75. “I am so lucky to be able to have a girlfriend like you but unlucky to be apart, I’m intoxicated by you, I miss you, baby.”
  76. “I’m so lucky to be your boyfriend but I’m unlucky to be so away from you. I miss you.”
  77. “You may be miles away right now but I close my eyes and I feel you in my heart, I’m bedazzled by you.”
  78. “I feel hollow like a drum that is empty when you are not here with me, I miss you, baby girl.”
  79. “You know what I miss? I miss your smell. I miss it in the house, on our bed, in the car, on my clothes, everywhere.”
  80. “Missing you has always been one of my weaknesses, I wish you were here with me today.”

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